Jason Poremba Selected by RE:ARTISTE Gallery MC International Art Competition


Artists of various media from 43 countries have submitted the artwork reflecting and depicting the world through the prism of an artist's eye and vision.

We are happy to announce the results of the International Art Competition, "Show Your World".

The Winner:  Xiaoxi Kang, UK

The Finalists: 

  • Ola Gofshtein, Israel
  • Henriette Roka-Aardal, Norway
  • Edgar Krill, Germany
  • Adi Argov, Israel
  • David Rodriguez, USA
  • Hadieh Afshani, Australia
  • Ehud Bassis, USA
  • Igor Kovaliov Ukraine/USA
  • Kayla Heck, USA
  • Nicola Culican, Hong Kong
  • Jason Poremba, USA
  • Jordi Mestre, Spain
  • Dongze Huo, China/USA
  • Kirill Ovchinnikov, Russia
  • Leah Miriam Cooper, USA
  • Ryota Matsumoto, Japan
  • Juanito Conte, Uruguay
  • Philippe Farcy, France
  • Shirley Siegal, Israel
  • Travis Washington, USA
  • Diana Mui, USA
  • Aaron Smith, USA
  • Mingyu Du, China
  • Eva Redamonti, USA

Honorable Mentions:

Five artists - in addition to being selected as the Finalists - were specifically mentioned by the Jury: 

  • Dongze Huo, China/USA
  • Kirill Ovchinnikov, Russia
  • Leah Miriam, USA
  • Ryota Matsumoto, Japan
  • Juanito Conte, Uruguay

The art show, concluding the 2015 art competition, will take place at the Gallery MC, New York, on January 15 - January 17, 2016.
The Finalists have a chance to exhibit their original artwork while the work of other participated artists will be demonstrated digitally. 
This show is not a conventional art exhibit - this is also an international social event inviting people to participate in artist talks, workshops, casual hangouts, while enjoying art from all over the globe.
The 2015 “Show Your World” art competition was evaluated by the Jury represented by gallery members, curators, exhibiting artists, art business professionals.

The list of countries participated in the "Show Your World" International Art Competition: Croatia, Nigeria, Spain, Poland, Philippines, Iran, Taiwan, Denmark, Malaysia, Hawaii, Slovenia, Norway, South Africa, Netherlands, UAE, Andorra, Ireland, Maldives, Brazil, France, Russia, Great Britain, Canada, United States, Italy, China, South Korea, Cyprus, Ukraine, Sweden, Germany, Turkey, Slovakia, Israel,  Japan, Norway, Australia, Mexico, Hungary, Senegal, Georgia, Latvia, India.